Trail Map

All of the trails in the park start at the Parking Area and end at the Summit (with the exception of the Blue Trail).  To see more of the park, take a different trail on your return from the Summit.Trail Map

  • Heritage Trail1.4 miles Gradual climb
    • On this trail many aspects of local history invite discovery. Explore plant succession and farming history.
  • Geology Trail 0.9 miles Steep climb
    • Along the way you will marvel at the local geology from several unforgettable overlooks.
  • Habitat Trail0.8 milesModerate climb
    • Takes the hiker through five different habitats. Learn the identity of common trees and shrubs.
  • Orchard Trail1.9 milesModerate climb
    • A long, winding trail that meanders through the old apple orchard, offering several nice overlooks.
  • Pond Overlook Trail0.4 milesEasy
    • An easy round-trip loop from the parking area. It goes through meadows, the orchard, overlooks, and passes the picnic area, providing easy access to the park.

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Park Trail Map

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