History of Peach Hill Park

The area now known as Peach Hill Park has been the site of mixed agricultural uses since at least the 19th century.  The first aerial photograph of the site, taken in 1936, indicates that the property consisted of a small orchard, woodlands and an extensive area of fields and meadows. 

After its purchase in 1948 by Charles Beck, more and more of the farmland was converted into peach, pear and apple orchards. By 1967, when William Paladino, Jr. acquired the property, the pears and peach trees had disappeared, and Peach Hill was almost entirely an apple orchard.

By 1999, the last year of commercial operation, there were approximately 10,000 apple trees, with a few acres of meadow and some boundary woodlands.

Foggy Peach Hill sunset (Sept/2007)

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Upcoming events

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  • Annual Peach Hill Cider Festival -- Saturday, October 1st, 1-4pm


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